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Inositol Powder by Horbaach
Inositol is sometimes called Vitamin B-8. Don't sleep on this nutritious dietary supplement! Although you can find this natural source of vitamin in a variety of foods, myoinositol is a convenient addition to any wellness routine. Some people like to pair inositol with minerals, like choline, magnesium, and folic acid. Now, insositol can be found in many forms such as softgel capsules, tablets, and gummies. Plus, this product is suitable for men and women.

Vitamin B8 Powder
Inositol is found in many foods, including lemons, cantaloupe, oats, bran, and beans. If you don't get enough inositol from a nutritious diet, a supplement may help. In the body, inositol is an important structural component of cell membranes and contributes to nervous system function and liver function.

Quality You Can Trust
Are you looking for a superior inositol supplement? Our high-quality inositol powder is a Non-GMO supplement, packaged and lab tested for quality in the USA - promising the utmost in supplement fertility. It is manufactured in a GMP certified facility. In addition, this supplement is free of common allergens, including gluten, lactose, milk, yeast, wheat, artificial sweetener, artificial flavor, and preservatives.