Lomatium Dissectum Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Lomatium Root?
Lomatium dissectum is a flowering plant from the carrot family that is popular in herbal wellness practices worldwide. It was discovered by Native Americans centuries ago who utilized it for various cultural purposes. Today, Lomatium Root can be obtained from supplements, providing an abundant supply of naturally occurring antioxidants.

How to Get Lomatium Root:
Lomatium was traditionally consumed as a vegetarian food source and can now be found in many forms such as capsules, tea, and liquid extracts. Liquid extracts provide superior concentration from this plant and many consider it the preferred method for maximum benefit.

Horbaach Lomatium Root:
Horbaach Lomatium Liquid Extract is non-GMO, gluten-free, and a powerful source of this abundant herb. Our vegetarian formula is super-concentrated and alcohol-free, making it perfect for any herbal wellness tradition.