Magnesium Salt Bath Flakes | 8 lb Bulk Size

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What is Magnesium Salt?
Magnesium is more than just a nutrient you get from food! It often goes unnoticed as a necessary, essential mineral for a healthy mind & body. This ingredient can be found in a variety of topical products designed for a spa-like experience.

How to get Magnesium Salt?
Magnesium is featured in personal care products like cream, lotion, oil, drops, and liquid spray. It's also available in bath flakes as a purifying body & foot soak. Looking for the best way to add it to your home spa routine?

Horbaach's Pure Magnesium Salt:
At Horbaach, our Pure Magnesium Salt Flakes are naturally mined at the source of China's largest salt water lake, Quinghai-La. This source is believed to be more than 200,000,000 years old. Simply add flakes to a warm bath to gently penetrate the skin, leaving you with a relaxing and calming sensation. Get superior value today with our 8 lb. bulk bag!