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What is Monolaurin?
Monolaurin, also known as "Glycerol Monolaurate" or "GML" is a naturally-occurring fatty acid, made from lauric acid, derived from raw coconuts and palm fruit. Also found in breast milk, this substance is one of nature's finest sources of the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) Lauric Acid. Now, it can be found in various supplements in concentrated form.

How to get Monolaurin:
It would take a lot of coconut consumption to receive an optimal supply of GML! Supplements like powder, capsules pellets, pills, chewable gummies and liquid can help provide further support. Horbaach has scientifically designed a Keto-Friendly Monolaurin formula for women and men. How does it stand out?

Horbaach's Extra-Strength Monolaurin:
Horbaach's extra-strength supplement supplies you with 1,650 mg of Monolaurin (GML) in a single serving! Quick-release capsules make it super convenient to get everyday support. Our formula is Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and contains no artificial flavor, artificial sweetener or preservatives. It's the ultimate addition to your Keto Collection!