OptiZinc 30 mg | 250 Capsules

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Essential Nutrient Zinc:
Zinc is one of many key nutrients your body needs for everyday wellness. This essential nutrient can be obtained from a variety of fruits and vegetables, most commonly found in leafy greens. However, there are many factors that can deplete your mineral supply. A supplement can help by providing you with additional Zinc to meet your nutritional requirement.

Supplementing with Zinc:
You now can find Zinc in many supplement forms like dissolvable tablets, lozenges, capsules, chewables, softgels, bulk powders, and much more! Looking for the best way to add this essential mineral to your daily routine?

Horbaach OptiZinc:
Power your wellness routine with OptiZinc! This innovative mineral supplement combines 30 mg of Zinc Methionine plus Copper in each quick-release capsule. Our formula is gluten-free, non-GMO, and preservative-free, making it an excellent choice for optimal mineral support. Enjoy OptiZinc, and get exceptional value with our 250-capsule supply!