Cayenne Pepper Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Cayenne Extract?
This notoriously hot spice derived from the Cayenne plant has gained popularity for its ability to support a variety of health benefits. The benefits of this herb come from its active ingredient, also known as Capsacian. Red Hot Sauce and Raw Peppers aren't the only ways to receive the benefits from this incredible ingredient. There are a variety of gentler ways to add this fruit extract to your routine.

How to get Cayenne Extract:
Some alternative Cayenne Supplements include: Pills, Capsules, Ground Pepper, Caps, Pure Powder, Tea, Tablets, Whole Flower, Essential Oil, Juice and more. It's also included in a variety of products like Nasal Spray, Shampoo for hair, Eye Drops, and Salve topical products like Cream, Muscle Rub, Lotion and Ointment. It's often taken orally along with Kombucha for an additional Digestive Cleanse.*

About Cayenne Liquid Extract:
This spicy-hot herbal supplement comes straight from the garden! Horbaach's Liquid Extract is perfect for any routine and mixes well with water or your favorite drink. Support your body with nutrient-rich herbs for Circulatory Support and healthy Cardiovascular Function. * Each Tincture includes Gluten-Free liquid drops for maximum support. Add Horbaach's Super-Concentrated Cayenne Extract to your Supplement and Vitamins collection today!