Chelated Zinc 100mg | 250 Tablets

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What is Chelated Zinc?
Naturally found in meat, beans, nuts and seeds, Zinc supports a wide-variety of daily wellness benefits.* This important mineral is essential for any active life style and well-balanced diet in men and women. However, many everyday food choices don't include your daily recommended value of Zinc.

How to get Chelated Zinc:
Meat, beans, nuts and seeds are all natural food sources of Zinc. If your diet doesn't include a strong source of Zinc, it's important to take an additional supplement source. The most popular Zinc product forms include: Tabs, Softgels, Pills, Chewables, Capsules, Gummies, Caplets, Bulk Powder, Liquids plus others ingestible formulas.

About Chelated Zinc:
Horbaach now carries the best Chelated Zinc formula from high potency Zinc Gluconate. Our prime 50mg Vegetarian Tablets delivers a superior way to add balance to your supplement routine while also being non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten free. Make sure you're receiving a significant source of vitamins and minerals, choose Horbaach today for all your supplement needs!