Damiana Leaf 750mg | 200 Capsules

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What are Damiana Leaves?
Damiana, also known as Turnera diffusa, is a traditional herb with yellow flowers and fragrant leaves. Originating in subtropical climates of southern Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean, this herb is rich in naturally occuring antioxidanrs and has been widely touted in herbal practices for centuries. It was first used by the Ancient Mayans to make tea, and now can be enjoyed in a variety of supplement forms.

Supplementing with Damiana Leaves:
Some of the best ways to enjoy Damiana Leaves include bulk powder, liquid tinctures, and capsules. Looking for the easiest way to incorporate this wonderful herb into your wellness program?

Horbaach Damiana Leaves:
At Horbaach, we take pride in providing you excellence with every herbal supplement. Our gluten-free and non-GMO Damiana Leaves formula delivers the equivalent of 750 mg in convenient quick-release capsules, which are lab-tested to ensure maximum purity and potency. It's the ultimate source of this traditional herb, providing quality you deserve to live happy and healthy, the Horbaach way!