Dandelion Root Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Dandelion Root?
Dandelion Root is a flowering herb found in nature that contains naturally-occurring nutrients to help support Healthy Detoxification, normal Liver Function and overall Digestive Health.* Dandelions are perennial, herbaceous plants with traditional use in Chinese practices for thousands of years. They are often paired with leafy greens for maximum nutrients.

How to get Dandelion Root:
There are a variety of ways to add natural Dandelion Flowers to your daily routine. The most popular product forms include: Herbal Leaf Tea, Pills, Tablets, Capsules, Bulk Powder, Essential Oil and other favorites. Add room in your gift basket for this luxurious yellow delight! What could be better than wine, chocolate and sweet flowers?

About Dandelion Root Extract:
Looking for the best way to add Dandelion Root to your Vitamins and Supplements regiment? Horbaach now carries a Gluten Free and Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract that is Super Concentrated. Each Liquid Tincture is expertly crafted from the most high-quality, raw ingredients. Add this real advanced, Vegetarian formula to your favorite coffee, juice or water with potent drops that mix easily with water!