L Theanine 200mg | 400 Capsules

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What is L-Theanine?
Theanine is an amino acid, a building block for protein. It's naturally found in tea leaves, especially green tea. This amino acid cannot be made by the body on its own and must be obtained from a nutritional source. An L-Theanine supplement is recommended for those looking to add this amino acid to their daily routine.

Supplementing with L-Theanine:
L-Theanine is featured in many product forms such as powder, gummies, liquid, capsules, and tablets. Now there is a way to get superior quality and value from this amino acid with Horbaach’s 400-capsule supply!

Horbaach L-Theanine:
Horbaach L-Theanine is a highly advanced form of this amino acid. Our scientific formulation brings you 200 mg per serving in each quick-release capsule, lab-tested to match our exceptional purity and potency standards. It is gluten-free and non-GMO, making it the excellent choice you deserve for nutritional support.