Muira Puama 2200mg | 90 Capsules

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What is Muira Puama?
Muira Puama is a plant native to the Brazilian rainforest that has been used traditionally by men & women for centuries. This intrepid herb contains powerful antioxidant properties and naturally occurring plant sterols for herbal health support.* The best way to benefit from Muira Puama is with supplements.

How to get Muira Puama:
There are a variety of products that offer Muira Puama extract as part of their formula. It's commonly found in tea, powder, liquid tinctures, pills and more. However, the quality of your Muira Puama supplement is truly dependent on the source. Horbaach has crafted a professionally lab-tested formula featuring this fine herb. How does our formula stand out?

Horbaach's Muira Puama:
Horbaach's Muira Puama supplement is a dominant force! It's super charged with the equivalent of 2,200 mg of Muira Puama (from root extract) per serving. Our formula is Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and contains no artificial sweetener or preservatives. Convenient quick-release capsules make it super easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Add this 'secret weapon' to your herbal collection today at the best value with Horbaach!