Potassium Citrate 275mg | 400 Capsules

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What is Potassium Citrate?
Potassium is an essential mineral that's vital for overall wellness and nutrition.* Potassium Citrate is a highly-absorbable and bioavailable form of this nutrient, used for advance support. This valuable mineral is most notably found in a diverse range of whole foods like bananas, oranges, spinach, broccoli and other plants. It's often coupled with Magnesium and Calcium for a mineral-rich, synergistic effect.

How to get Potassium Citrate
It could be difficult to consume enough superfoods to receive your daily Potassium intake. An advanced Dietary Supplement is the best replacement or addition to your routine. The most common Potassium supplements available include: Pills, Tablets, Bulk Powder, Liquid Drops, Gummies, Chewables and Softgels. However, scientific advancement has paved the way for a more bioavailable form of Potassium.

About Potassium Citrate
Horbaach is now offering a nutritiously-rich Potassium Citrate formula. It's a great way to receive a Potassium source. Our Non-GMO formula is Gluten-Free and contains no Artificial Sweetener or Preservatives. Simply take a 275 mg, fast-absorbing capsule with any drink for pure, Potassium power. It's a superb addition to your collection of Vitamins and Minerals!