Potassium Gluconate 595mg | 300 Tablets

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What is Potassium?
Potassium, an abundant mineral in the body, is found in various fruits and vegetables, most commonly in bananas. This essential mineral cannot be made by the body on its own and must be obtained from a nutritional source. A Potassium supplement is recommended for those looking to supplement a strong diet.

Supplementing with Potassium Gluconate:
Potassium Gluconate is a scientific form of this nutrient, made by combining Potassium with Gluconic Acid through an advanced chelation process. There are many forms of this mineral including liquid, powder, capsules, and tablets.

Horbaach Potassium Gluconate:
Horbaach Potassium Gluconate pills are a highly advanced form of this essential mineral. Our vegetarian formula provides 99 mg of Chelated Potassium (from 595 mg Potassium Gluconate) in each daily caplet. It’s gluten-free, non-GMO and quality tested to meet our superior standards, because you deserve nothing but the best for your wellness routine.