Rhodiola Rosea Root Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Rhodiola?
Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb found in nature that may help the mind and body adapt to occasional stress and supports Healthy Energy, Focus and Mood.* Also known as the "Golden Root," Rhodiola thrives in colder climates in Northern Asia, Eastern Europe and the Antarctic.

How to get Rhodiola:
It's difficult to find Rhodiola in whole foods form. However, there are a variety of ways to reap the benefits of this abundant plant. The most popular product made from this include: Rhodiola Herbal Tea, Pills, Bulk Powder, Tablets, Liquid Tincture, Capsules, Oil, plus Gummies and more!

About Rhodiola Extract:
Looking for a natural, high-quality Rhodiola product at the best price? Horbaach's supplement is an advanced Gluten Free and Alcohol Free, Liquid Extract. This adaptogen is sourced from pure Rhodiola Root Extract.* Our Vegetarian formula delivers naturally rich botanicals in liquid drops. Add Horbaach's new Rhodiola complex to your Vitamin and Supplement collection now!