Strontium Citrate 680mg | 180 Capsules

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What is Strontium?
Strontium is a naturally-occurring, Trace Mineral that is physically and chemically similar to Calcium and even provides similar benefits. This nutrient has gained popularity for its role in wellness for Men and Women.* It's a fundamental addition to your vitamins and minerals collection and perfect for any lifestyle or routine.

How to get Strontium:
There are variety of ways to receive the nutrients of Strontium in supplement form. Some of the most common formulas come in liquid and powder. However, there is now an even easier and more convenient way to take Strontium without any of the hassle. Looking to add this dynamic trace mineral to your routine?

About Strontium Citrate:
Horbaach's advanced formula is your top-choice for pure Strontium Citrate at the best value. It comes in easy to take, quick-release capsules that are fast-absorbing. Our Non-GMO and Gluten-Free formula is scientifically crafted for maximum support and is backed by our commitment to excellence. Try our elite Strontium Citrate Formula today and notice the difference!