Absorbable Calcium 1200mg with Vitamin D3 | 240 Softgels

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What is Calcium plus D3?
Calcium is an Essential Mineral that is commonly found in dairy, seafood, vegetables, and other various foods. Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is a booster in the absorption of Calcium. Together, these two nutrients work in tandem to support various wellness initiatives. Men and Women over 50 may benefit by supplementing with additional Calcium and D3 for strong bone support.*

How to get Calcium:
Calcium is commonly found in various dairy products like Milk, Cheese and yogurt. However, many adults struggle with lactose intolerance. There are a variety of ways to incorporate Calcium into your routine without dealing with the discomfort of lactose. Some of the most common product forms include: pills, chewables, bulk powder, tablets, liquid drops, chalk, multivitamin gummies, effervescents, slow release capsules, chews, gum and other natural supplements. Looking for the best rated potent Calcium source for your daily routine?

Benefits of Calcium plus D3:
Horbaach's Calcium Carbonate Supplement is your top-rated source for daily nutrition. Our absorbable calcium 1200 mg with vitamin d3 5000 iu delivers 1200mg of premium Calcium plus 125 mcg (5,000 IU) of Vitamin D3 per serving. Each Quick-Release Softgel contains 600 mg of high quality calcium enhanced with Vitamin D. Try our best selling softgels today and get the support you need to thrive and stay active.