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Nature’s Red Superfood:
Beet root (Beta vulgaris) is an iconic red superfood that grows abundantly throughout North America and Europe. This powerful superfood is well known for its earthy flavor and strong nutritional content. It is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, nitrates, and pigment compound, "betaine."

Supplementing with Beet Root:
Beet root is featured in many supplements including bulk powder, capsules, pills, liquid oil, tea, and tablets. Now there is a whole new way to enjoy the goodness of this superfood with the delicious taste of a gummy.

Horbaach Beet Root Gummies:
Boost your daily routine with Horbaach’s Beet Root Gummy! These bite sized vegan gummy chews provides the equivalent 6,000 mg of Beet Root per serving, plus Black Pepper and Vitamin C for ultimate nutritional support. They’re bursting with natural strawberry flavor and made without artificial flavor or artificial sweetener, so nothing will stand in your way of feeling your best every day.