Berberine Plus Ceylon Cinnamon 2000mg | 120 Veggie Capsules

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Why Combine Berberine and Cinnamon?
Berberine is a beneficial compound commonly extracted from the Barberry plant, while Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as True Cinnamon, is the preferred variety of this famous spice. Together, these ingredients create strong synergy when taken together.

Supplementing with These Powerful Ingredients:
A high-quality supplement is the most efficient way to add Berberine and Cinnamon to your daily routine. At Horbaach, we utilize superior quality ingredients to help you get the most premium form of support available from these exceptional supplements.

Berberine Ceylon Cinnamon Complex:
Our formula is scientifically-designed, combining the equivalent of 2,000 mg of Ceylon Cinnamon plus Berberine (hydrochloride) from Barberry extract, the most optimal forms of this iconic combination. Vegetarian capsules are non-GMO, gluten-free, and will make the perfect addition to your supplement routine.