Betaine HCl With Pepsin 1326mg | 250 Capsules

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What is Betaine?
Betaine is a compound naturally occurring in the body and commonly found in sugar beets and other organisms. Betaine HCl supplements “bind” hydrochloric acid to Betaine, yielding a hydrochloride form that is gentle on the stomach.

Supplementing with Betaine:
Betaine can be found in many supplement forms like capsules, tablets, and powders. It’s often paired with Protease Enzyme to maximize nutritional support. Looking for the best on-the-go formula?

Horbaach Betaine HCl:
Horbaach Betaine HCl is a scientifically crafted supplement that combines 1,326 mg per serving of Betaine HCl with Acid-Stable Protease derived from Fungal Pepsin in vegetarian capsules. Our formula is gluten-free and non-GMO, with no artificial sweetener or preservatives. It’s lab tested for purity and potency, guaranteeing exceptional quality for your wellness routine!