Blueberry Extract 8000mg | 150 Capsules

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Nutritious Blueberry:
Blueberries are enjoyed around the world as a sweet, nutritious food, but these famous berries also contain naturally-occurring Polyphenols, Antioxidants, and Anthocyanins. Many enjoy the fresh taste of tart nectar, or Freeze Dried Berries, but it's not for everybody. Fortunately, Blueberry Supplements make it possible to reap the nutritious benefits of fruit without the flavor.

How to get Blueberry:
There are many ways to add it to your routine with products like Blueberry Powder, Pills, Tablets, Softgels and Juice. However, it's important to choose supplements from a brand you can trust. Horbaach now carries an advanced Blueberry Extract supplement driven by our passion for quality. How is it unique?

Horbaach's Blueberry Supplement:
Horbaach's Blueberry Concentrate contains the equivalent of 8,000 mg of Blueberry per daily serving. We highly prioritize purity and potency for our Laboratory Tested products. Which is why our Non-GMO formula contains no Gluten, Artificial Sweetener or Preservatives. A single, daily Quick-Release capsule makes it super-convenient to get maximum support!