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What is Calendula?
Calendula Officinalis is a variety of Marigold Flower that is widely used to support Digestive Health and Respiratory Function.* Cultivated in Mediterranean regions of Europe, these garden plants are harvested during peak summer with green leaves and gold, blooming flowers.

How to get Calendula:
There are many ways to reap the health benefits of these potent Flowers. The most popular product forms include: Essential Oil, Tablets, Certified Organic Capsules, Dried Tea Bags, Pills, Tinctures, and bulk powder. There are also many beauty and personal care items that feature Calendula Plant Extract. Some examples include: Salve Cream, Ointment, Lotion, Gel, Toner, Soap, Face Wash, Lip Balm, Face Mask, Shampoo and Spray.

About Calendula Extract:
Horbaach provides this beneficial herb in a super concentrated, sugar free liquid extract. Each 2 Fluid Ounce tincture delivers superior nutritional quality and herbal support. It mixes well with water and is perfect for any routine. Looking for natural botanicals with high-quality and unbeatable prices? Horbaach's Calendula Extract is the answer.