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What is Chaga Mushroom?
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a type of mushroom typically found on birch trees, derived from Eastern Europe. It has been used in folk botanical practices for centuries and is continuously growing in popularity, also well known for immune system support.* Its potent antioxidant properties and naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, and phytonutrients are thought to be behind Chaga's numerous benefits.

How to get Chaga Mushroom:
There are various ways to get Chaga Mushrooms in supplement form. Tea, coffee, powder and tinctures are just a few ways to receive daily support. However, if you're constantly on the go, there is now an even easier way to get the goodness of Chaga in your daily routine.

Horbaach's Chaga Mushroom:
Horbaach's premium supplement features a specific mycelium biomass form of Chaga Mushroom. Non-GMO and Gluten-Free capsules provide 600 mg per serving in convenient form. It's now easier than ever to receive all of the benefits of Chaga without any hassle. Simply take our capsules with you anywhere you go for everyday herbal support!