Chlorophyll Supplement | 200 Capsules

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What is Chlorophyll?
Chlorophyll is the green pigment naturally found in plants, green vegetables, and other plant-based foods. This pigment helps plants absorb energy and get their nutrients from sunlight. It’s also highly valued as a green superfood for humans and can be best enjoyed from a nutritional supplement.

Supplementing with Chlorophyll:
Chlorophyll is now featured in many different forms from tablets (tabs), pills, powder, gummies, softgels, tea, capsules, oil tincture drops, and liquid chlorophyll. Looking for the best way to add this important green to your daily nutrition plan?

Horbaach Chlorophyll:
At Horbaach, we combine expert sourcing and scientific technology to bring you the best source of Chlorophyll nature can provide. Our scientifically crafted formula features 60 mg of Chlorophyll from Mulberry leaves in convenient quick-release capsules. We put our herbs to the test for purity and potency, always ensuring exceptional quality for your wellness routine.