Cranberry 30,000 mg + Vitamin C | 150 Capsules

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Pure Cranberry Concentrate for Urinary Tract Health:
Cranberries are a notoriously rich top health fruit that is made in nature, contains Polyphenols and other natural Antioxidants. Cranberry concentrate can also be combined with probiotics, vitamin e, and d mannose.
How to get Cranberry Support Now:
There are many ways to receive the true potent nutrients of Cranberry in a variety of forms. The naturally-tart nectar of Cranberry fruit whole food is a acquired taste that's not for everybody. Fortunately, there are other dietary supplements available to choose from like chews, gummies, chewables, complex capsules, softgels, tablets, pills, gel caps, caplets, gummy vitamins, cleanse juices, tabs, and unsweetened / sugarfree liquid juice concentrate. Plus, this product is suitable for men and women. About Triple
Strength Cranberry Concentrate:
Extra Strength Cranberry Concentrate Pills deliver the equivalent 30,000 mg of Cranberry per serving (15,000 mg per capsule). It features 200 MG of highly potent Vitamin C per serving. It's Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Soy, Artificial Color, & Flavoring Free. Horbaach offers a high-quality source of Triple-Strength 100% Cranberry, plus Vitamin C at the best price in the industry. Our premium ingredients all start in the field, where our family of farmers take care and personal pride in growing and sustaining the finest cranberry products in the world, then they are packaged and lab tested for quality in a GMP certified facility in the USA. Before this supplement ever reaches our customers, we conduct extensive and rigorous testing, because we are dedicated each day to making your choice of cranberry a simple one.