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What is Damiana Leaf?
Turnera Diffusa, known as Damiana Leaf, is a powerful and potent herb indigenous to exotic regions of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. It's traditionally used in wellness practices for a variety of Women's Health initiatives. The plant was highly touted in Ancient times by the Mayans who strongly believed in the holistic values of its bright, yellow flower.

How to get Damiana Leaf:
Damiana Leaf has grown in popularity as research reveals more about its potent qualities. It can be found in a variety of supplement forms including: Tea, Dried Root, Bulk Powder, Pills, Capsules, Essential Oil and other herbal formulas. It's also been featured in liqueur formulas for its eccentric taste. Looking for the most convenient way to get high-quality Damiana Leaf at the best value?

About Damiana Leaf:
Horbaach's Super-Concentrated Damiana Leaf delivers this beneficial ingredient in an Alcohol-Free and Sugar-Free Liquid Extract. Each tincture carries potent drops that mix well with water or your favorite drink. Add this Vegetarian and Non-GMO Formula to your collection and enjoy the power of Damiana!