Eyebright Herb 800mg | 180 Capsules

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What is Eyebright?
Used for centuries across Europe, Eyebright is an annual plant that helps support overall wellness.* It's traditionally taken as part of a strong Eye Care regiment, often used in combination with Bilberry, Blueberry, Ginkgo, or Lutein.* Eyebright leaf is touted for its beneficial antioxidant concentration and all natural natural plant properties. The annual plant bears gorgeous white flowers that are covered in spots and stripes. They typically bloom during the summer months of July to September.

How to get Eyebright:
This traditional herb can be found in a variety of supplement forms. The most popular include: Pills, Tea Bags, Bulk Power, Eye Drops, Eye Wash, Liquid Tincture, Cream and a variety of others herbal extracts. What's the best way to receive daily benefit from the Eyebright plant?

Benefits of Eyebright Extract:
Horbaach's Eyebright Extract contains the equivalent of 800 mg of this beneficial ingredient in Quick-Release capsules. This advanced formula is nature's answer to premium Eye Care and herbal support. Our Euphrasia Officinalis extract is derived from a high-quality source and expertly crafted for your satisfaction. Make sure to add this unique supplement to your collection of Vitamins and Herbs now!