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What is Gotu Kola?
Gotu Kola or Centella is an herb used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic wellness systems to support daily balance and overall wellness.* In nature, it grows in tropical, swampy areas in many regions of the world. Centella's roots contain rhizomes that branch off sporadically beneath the ground. This green leaf is an integral part of Sri Lankan cuisine and is admired for its plant nutrients.

How to get Gotu Kola:
Gotu Kola is now featured in a variety of products because of its beneficial plant properties. Some of the more common Gotukola supplements include: Tea, Powder, Pills, Capsules, Bulk Powder, Essential Oils, Tablets and other complex formulas. It's also become a featured ingredient in beauty and personal care items like Cream, Hair Masks, Balms, Ointment, Shampoo, Lotion, Serum and more.

About Gotu Kola Liquid Extract:
What's the best way to add this potent tropical herb to your collection of supplements? Horbaach now delivers a Gluten-Free and Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract in Centella Asiatica (whole herb) form. Each Liquid Tincture delivers high-quality botanical drops to support a strong wellness routine. Horbaach is adamant about ensuring potency, purity and bioavailability in all its supplements. Add this superior extract to your collection today!