Liquid Chlorophyll | 2 oz

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Green Plant Superfood:
You may have heard that Chlorophyll is how plants get their energy from sunshine. But did you know that this green plant pigment is also considered a green superfood? This powerful compound can be found in green vegetables like spirulina, chlorella, and mulberry. Supplements also provides an additional supply of Chlorophyll for nutritional support.

Supplementing with Chlorophyll:
Chlorophyll is featured in many different supplement forms from tablets, capsules, powder, tea, and gummies. Now there is a way to get all the green goodness of this amazing ingredient from a premium source with Horbaach!

Horbaach Chlorophyll Liquid:
Live green with Horbaach Liquid Chlorophyll! This vegan formula is derived from the finest source of Mulberry leaves, offering 50 mg of Chlorophyll in just two dropperfuls. Simply add to water for a natural Peppermint flavored treat, the perfect way to power a green wellness routine.