Motherwort Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Motherwort?
Motherwort is a natural Perennial Plant in the Mint Family that has traditionally been used to offer maximum support and overall Wellness for Women.* Seeds are typically sowed in the fall or early spring for most effective growth. Motherwort has become a popular herb for its wide range of wellness benefits.*

How to get Motherwort:
There are a variety of ways to get Motherwort Extract in supplement form. Some of the most popular include: Bulk Herbs, Capsules, Leaves, Pure Powder, Herbal Tea, Pills, Tinctures, Essential Oil and more! What's the most effective way to reap the benefits of this potent plant?

About Motherwort Extract:
Horbaach's Motherwort Liquid Extract is an herbal force! Each tincture includes Super Concentrated drops that mix easily with water. This formula is Gluten-Free and made with low alcohol. Add this herbal formula now for a balanced collection!