Olive Leaf Extract 9000mg | 200 Capsules

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What is Olive Leaf?
Derived from the Mediterranean Basin, Olive Leaf has been used traditionally for thousands of years in various cultures. † It's highly touted for its naturally occurring phenolic compounds, most notably Oleuropein.

How to get Olive Leaf:
This prized herb can now be found in a variety of supplement products. The most common include tea, pills, powder, tinctures, drops, sprays and tablets. Looking for the best way to add Olive Leaf to your daily routine? Horbaach now makes it easier than ever to get optimal support and benefits with our premium Olive Leaf Extract!

Horbaach's Olive Leaf Extract:
At Horbaach, our Olive Leaf supplement is standardized to contain 150 mg of Oleuropein. A single serving delivers the equivalent of 9,000 mg of this powerful herb in a Non-GMO and Gluten-Free formula. Quick-release capsules are the perfect addition to any wellness/ program.