Stinging Nettle Leaf Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Nettle Leaf?
Nettle Leaf, (Urtica Dioca) also known as Stinging Nettle, is a traditional, perennial flowering plant that thrives in wet climates and moist soils. It is grown globally in Northern Africa, Europe, Asia and rampantly in the United States. Nettle Leaf is most well-known for its needle-like hairs that cause a stinging sensation when contacted with skin. These nettle fibers are often compared to flax seed and hemp in their nutritional profile.

How to get Nettle Leaf:
This dynamic herb supports a wide variety of benefits which is why it's offered in many supplement forms. The most common include: Bulk Powder, Pills, Dried Tea Bags, Capsules, Essential Oil , Drops, and other Personal Care Items like Soap, Shampoo and Cream. What's the best way to add nature's soothing nettle to your daily routine?

About Nettle Leaf:
Horbaach now carries a super-concentrated Nettle Leaf, Vegetarian Formula. Each tincture is carefully crafted with potent Nettle Leaf extract sourced from top-quality raw ingredients. Nettle Leaf contains naturally-occurring Minerals, Amino Acids and plant Polyphenols for superb wellness.* It's a must have item for any experienced herbalist! Shop Horbaach today for an advanced selection of natural products at the best value.