Super Yohimbe Bark Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Yohimbe?
Yohimbe is a powerful and potent herb native to Western Africa that supports Men's Health & Sexual Wellness and healthy Blood Flow & Circulation*. It has a long history of use in West African traditions among men for its robust qualities. It has since been nicknamed "The Love Tree" for its connection with Men's Health and Sexual Wellness.*

Yohimbe for Men's Health:
This rare, African herb extract can only be found in certain products and supplements. Some of the most popular forms include Root Extract, Tea Bags, Pills, Pure Powder, Capsules, Tincture, Tablets, and many more. There are even topical products like Lotion, Oil, Cream, and Drops to add to your Personal Care routine!

About Super Yohimbe Max:
Looking for a real, potent herb to add to your Men's Health Stack? We've found the answer! Horbaach delivers Yohimbe Bark Max 2300 in a super concentrated, Alcohol and Sugar Free Liquid Extract. Fuel your routine and support performance with this superb formula.* Perfect supplement for athletes, bodybuilders or any active lifestyle!