Tribulus Terrestris 15000mg | 180 Capsules

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What is Tribulus?
Tribulus Terrestris is a plant native to temperate and tropical regions through the world. This ancient Ayurvedic herb comes highly touted by men everywhere looking for support for their day to day lifestyle. Tribulus contains a group of naturally occurring plant compounds known as Saponins and other strong botanical properties.

Fueling with Tribulus:
This amazing herb can now be found in product form. The most common Tribulus supplements include powder, tinctures, pills, tablets, tea, creams and more. Horbaach has created a maximum strength formula that contains an extract with a high concentration of Saponins. How does it stand out?

Horbaach’s Tribulus Formula:
At Horbaach, we utilize exceptional sourcing and manufacturing practices to create an elite product. Our Tribulus supplement is Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and contains no artificial sweetener or preservatives. Convenient quick-release capsules deliver the equivalent of 15,000 mg of this beneficial botanical per serving. Choose Horbaach