Valerian Root Liquid Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Valerian Root?
Valerian is a traditional, natural herb native to Europe and Asia (also known as Valeriana Officinalis) has been used in wellness practices for centuries dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome. It features beautiful pink and white flowers that are attractive and sweetly scented.

How to get Valerian Root:
It's hard to reap the benefits of Valerian Root through raw, whole foods. However, there are many other ways to receive the benefits through alternative sources. Some of the most popular supplement forms include: Tea Bags, Capsules, Pills, Bulk Powder, Tablets, Essential Oil, Gummies, and more!

About Valerian Root Extract:
Looking for the best supplement made from nature? We have the answer! Horbaach is now offering a Super-Concentrated Valerian Extract. This liquid tincture delivers potent, plant nutrients in drops that mix perfectly with water. Our formula is Gluten-Free, Alcohol Free and perfect to take prior to bedtime. Add this leading formula to your collection of Horbaach Vitamins and Supplements now!