Vitamin B-100 Complex | 300 Tablets

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Importance of B-Complex Vitamins:
It’s no secret that B-Complex vitamins play an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These building block nutrients are commonly found in nutritious foods such as dairy, meat and a variety of leafy greens. But since the body cannot make these essential nutrients on its own, deficiency is not uncommon.
Supplementing with B-Vitamins:
A B-Complex multivitamin supplement can provide additional support, and comes in many forms such as gummies, powder, capsules, liquid, and chewable tablets. Looking for the highest quality B-Vitamin formula that works best for your lifestyle?
Horbaach B-100:
Get premium nutritional support with Horbaach B-100! This expert formula offers a balanced blend of nutrients, delivering 100% of your daily value from 8 different B-Complex vitamins in each tablet. It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and preservative-free, making it an excellent choice for daily support.