Vitamin C 1000mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips | 250 Capsules

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Supplementing with Vitamin C:
Also known as Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C found in citrus fruits supports antioxidant health and helps protect against free radicals in the body.* However, there is only so much you can get from fruit consumption alone. A supplement can help aid your diet, providing you with a concentrated form of Vitamin C to take daily.

How to get Vitamin C:
This essential nutrient can now be found in various forms such as softgels, pills, chewable tablets, gummies, bulk powder, under eye / face serums, liquid drops, retinol creams, skin oil tinctures, and more. However, finding a quality vitamin supplement can be tricky. Looking for a premium Vitamin C formula to add to your daily vitamin regimen?

Horbaach's Vitamin C Supplement:
We've designed our Vitamin C supplement to give you the highest form of antioxidant support.* Our high dose formula features 1,000 mg of Vitamin C plus a Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex and Wild Rose Hips for added support. Quick-release capsules are Gluten Free, Non-GMO and make a wonderful addition to any healthy lifestyle.