Vitex Berry Chasteberry Extract | 2 fl oz

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What is Chaste Tree?
Vitex, also known as Chaste Tree is a flavonoid rich herb found in nature that supports healthy Hormone Balance and Reproductive Health in Women.* This natural plant features beautiful, purple flowers that have been revered for centuries. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans first discovered the value of its potent leaves.

How to get Chaste Tree:
Chaste Tree is offered in a variety of natural product forms. Some of the more common supplements include: Tea, Pills, Powder, Capsules, Liquid Tincture, Essential Oil, Gummies, plus other complex formulas. It's commonly paired with other vitamin nutrients that promote healthy Hormone Balance for Women.*

About Chaste Tree Extract:
Horbaach has set a real-high standard with this pure, Vegetarian formula. Our super concentrated Chasteberry is a top choice for Women's Health and Wellness! It delivers this beneficial ingredient in a Gluten-Free and Alcohol-Free, Liquid Extract. Our drops are easy-to-take and mix well with water. Now add this stellar formula to your herbal collection today!